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May 23 - Fire K70585

At 6 AM Jim Steinbach reported heavy smoke above Aiden, Ben and Tyler place between Saphire bay and the boat launch. Al Leighton (Fire Chief) went to get eyes on the fire and found a rank 2 fire about 0.3 ha.

A call out was issued and Gun Lake Fire responded promptly. By 7:30 we had a 1200' hose lay and had water on the fire. By 10:00am the fire was at patrol status and that is where we will be for the next day or so.

Thanks to a fantastic effort from our GLFPS group of volunteers it was a great outcome.

May 23 Fire
Gun Lake Fire Crew - May 23

The fire number is K70585 - check the BC Wildfire Apps or Map for information

Follow the BC Covid-19 guidelines and stay safe

Beware it could Co$t you

Fire Warning
Section 3(1) Wildfire Act

Training Courses & Notices

S100A is available, see below, S100 and S100(R) coming soon!
Training will be starting soon:

Fire Chief's message: Well the 2021 Fire season is upon us and of course Covid is still with us so to say the least we face some challenges. So let's jump right into it with of course training, yes the good old S100A your annual recurrency which with luck it seems that most of you don't need only because you are due for your 5 year S100 full course. (sorry) This brings out the Elephant in the closet, COVID and how do we train around it.
Planning is underway to provide 2021 training, stay tuned!
S100 for new members
For New GLFPS Members: S100 Basic Firefighting - 2 day course.
Plans are being worked on for this year, stay tuned!
S100(R) for existing members who are due for their 5 year recertification
For existing GLFPS Members: S100 Basic Firefighting - Recertification version ever 5 years.
Again plans are being worked on for this year, stay tuned!.
S100A for year 2021
For GLFPS Members: S100A Basic Firefighting - Annually

Gun Lake Fire has decided to go with online training for our members requiring their annual S100A re certification. This quick course is required to maintain your S100 Basic Wildland Fire Fighting certificate making you available as active members of Gun Lake Fire. The course takes at most 30 minutes to complete and will be paid for by Gun Lake Fire. You have until the end of May to complete .

All members have been email the S100A course instructions. If you have problems

Gun Lake Area Info

Gun Lake Area Info
Gun Lake specific information: BC WildFire Info, Evacuation, Logging, Shooting, Bug infestation, SLRD, and more.... is available Here

Firesmart Info

Information: to protect your property from wildfire and more...

Cabin Fires       Are You Prepared;
Do You Have a kitchen and bedroom fire extinguisher and a fire pump?

Is your extinguisher current? Have you set up your fire pump and tested it?

A minimum of a chemical extinguisher (2A 10B C rated) or a compound of water AFFF fire fighting foam extinguisher(3A 21B C rated) should be available for kitchen fires and it is recommended that a second extinguisher be available in or near sleep quarters to aid in escaping from a cabin fire.

Do you have your fire pump set up and tested? Do it now don't wait for a fire!

Fire Season Info and Bans       

Kamloops district
When permitted here are the rules for Open Burning and Campfires.

Thanks to Friends, Volunteers and Contributors

2021 -- Thank you to:

Jenny James for a big donation to GLFPS. The donation was a thank you to GLF in particular our Chief Al, being lucky enough to pull her dog Ruby out of a hole in the ice in Rose Bay.

John Courchesne for providing Al a reduced price for a 3 day Buckerman's course. Saving was significant and now GLFPS has two qualified buckers.

Kevin Knox of KustomKreations who built GLF a great brush deflector for the basket stretcher on the top of the Fire Truck.


Dec 2020 - A nice surprise from our district rep Sal DeMare. A contribution from the SLRD Area A "Appreciation Fund". Thank You!

Thanks also to all the generous contributors who provided the funding for fire truck, which made it possible for Gun Lake Fire to respond to the truck fire and prevent fire from spreading into the forest.


Again to all of you who volunteer for standby and call out, Thank You!

Suggest to your neighbours and friends to also volunteer. Volunteers are our only source of man power help. There can be income tax benefits. You all can contribute, it can be a small or large amount, it is totally up to you.
Even if you are only at the lake for a week or two during the summer, you can help. So please join!

In the event of another fire, we are it (GLF), there is no one else!

To be able to help fight a fire until Forestry arrive (usually several hours), you must be trained and have taken the S100 course (its free with a bit your time).
It is required by the Government to be cover by Worker Compensation, as GLF works under BC Forestry.

Some Activities and Events -- By Gun Lake Volunteers



In 2020, we were finally able to replace our 20 plus year old fire hose with much needed new hose. Each year we continue to expand and upgrade our equipment to better serve the Gun Lake community.

2013 Fire Hall Start

There was a lot of work went into the facility, and this was just near the start of it back in May of 2013! Lots of volunteer time went into making it happen back then. Thanks to all the volunteers!

Fire Hall Foundation
Fire Hall Foundation

Gun Lake Fire Protection Society Fire Hall start with Sal DeMare, Al Leighton and 2 others on May 11, 2013.

A little history of the Fire Hall supplied by Sal DeMare. Full history of the origins of GLFPS are at the bottom of the .

Less we not forget all the hard work of Gun Lake volunteers, it appears construction was started in 2012 with the excavation of the site, after many years of negotiation with the SLRD for a site.

The build is on! Yes, we have actually started filling the trenches that were excavated last year (2012).

Now, this giant leap forward could not have been done without the help of some local businesses. So thanks go out to Ken Archer at Top Gun Towing for hauling in our first load of supplies and Scott Holden for lending us his tamper. Not to mention Mike Jensen for keeping us level with the use of his transit. There was also the crew Dave, Sal, Sheila, John and, of course, Troy who really lightened the load. Many thanks again to all who kicked in and remember to support those businesses that support us.

2017 Fire Hall and Pump Truck Training

Fire Truck
1991 Ford F600 Fire Truck
Trailer Training
2017 August Training at Fire Hall
Fire Truck Training
2017 Training at boat launch
Truck Training
2017 Working the pumps

2020 Training Exercise

Training Exercise
2020 Training Exercise at 2013 Lighting Strike Site
Training Exercise
2020 Training Exercise at 2013 Lighting Strike Site

Photo credit to Sheila Macdonald and Norris Girling

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Danger Rating

Gun Lake's 2020 Danger Rating pattern

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Covid-19 and Wildfires

Covid-19 and Wildfires Info

Wildfire smoke has immediate harmful health effects

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