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Training Courses      2019

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S100 Basic Firefighting - For new first time students
S100 Basic Firefighting - Recertification
Adhoc - through GLFPS
S100A Basic Firefighting - Annual
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Jun 21-22 2019
Level 1 First Aid and Transportion Endorsement at the Community Club
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Fire Season Info and Bans       2019

2019 Seasonal Outlook
BC predicts higher than normal fire condition
2019 Kamloops district
OK   Open Burning: Restricted.      On June 12 Open Burning will be restricted     Open Fire Regulations
OK   Campfires: Permitted.
OK   Forest Use: Permitted.

Incidents & Events        2018

Aug 11, 2018
A very active Lighting Storm circled around Gun Lake late in the afternoon. Lots of lighting on both sides of the lake, at the same time heavy smoke descended in from the north end with very dark clouds. With suspected strikes many GLFPS members and local residents braved the hail and heavy rain on quads and other vehicles to search the surrounding area for potential fire. Fortunately we were lucky no fires were discovered. Many thanks to all who responded to the potential fire danger.

It was a great practice run, the local fire radio network worked great and was wonderful to see the level of response from the community to a potential danger. Great work Gun Lake!
Lesson Learned
We had many people show up at the fire hall willing to help, which is great.

Please beware inorder for you to be able to help, you must have completed the S100 basic fire course. If NOT although you're willing, we are not able to accept your help due to government regulations and WCB regulations. So please commit some time to get trained, it is free except for your time.

We are attempting to schedule convenient training but our trainer is only available in the spring and fall because he is putting his training to work fighting forest fires. We are working to improve this situation.

Cabin Fires       Are You Prepared

A minimum of a chemical extinguisher (2A 10B C rated) or a compound of water AFFF fire fighting foam extinguisher(3A 21B C rated) should be available for kitchen fires and it is recommended that a second extinguisher be available in or near sleep quarters to aid in escaping from a cabin fire.

New Equipment

Mar 06 2017
Boot Fund Boot Fund

GLFPS is starting a "boot" fund to help us pay for the new fire truck and equipment.  So, if you see us at any event, look for the Boot and help fill it.  Makes me think of an old nursery rhyme:

What do you do if you live in a shoe?
Save all your loot and throw it in the Boot!

Feb 2017
Just like most of us, we may be old but we're still darn good looking and pretty useful. So....I'd like to introduce you to Gun Lake Fire's newest asset - a 1991 Ford F600 wildland fire truck. The truck comes with an 18 horse independent water pump and a Foampro injection system as well as a 500 gal. water tank. That said, the rest of the build is up to us so please get in touch and ask what you can do for your Fire Brigade!
Fire Truck
1991 Ford F600 Fire Truck
Trailer Training
2017 August Training at Fire Hall
Fire Truck Training
2017 Training at boat launch
Truck Training
2017 Working the pumps

Photo credit to Sheila Macdonald and Norris Girling

Thanks to Friends, Volunteers and Contributors

Thanks also to all the generous contributors who provided the funding for fire truck, which made it possible for Gun Lake Fire to respond to the truck fire and prevent fire from spreading into the forest.

Again to all of you who volunteer for standby and call out, Thank You!

Suggest to your neighbours and friends to also volunteer. Volunteers are our only source of man power help. There can be income tax benefits.