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When permitted here are the for Open Burning and Campfires.

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S100A Manditory each year
S100A for this year TBD
S100 Manditory course for new members:
For New GLFPS Members: S100 Basic Firefighting - 2 day course. For this year TBD
S100(R) Manditory every 5 years for existing members to recertify
For existing GLFPS Members:
This may be handled by GLF. For this year TBD
Other Courses available
None currently scheduled.

Firesmart Info

FireSmart Tips & Tricks Webinar

New: This webinar was held in order to provide local governments, First Nations, Neighbourhood Champions, Fire Departments, Community FireSmart and Resiliency Committee members and Local FireSmart Representatives with the tools and know-how to create their own FireSmart communication channels and materials.

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New: Have you ever wondered what Structure Protection crews do when wildfires threaten communities?
This is a must watch video!

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Cabin Fires:  Are You Prepared?

Do You Have a kitchen and bedroom fire extinguisher and a fire pump?

Is your extinguisher current?
Have you set up your fire pump and tested it?

A minimum of a chemical extinguisher (2A 10B C rated) or a compound of water AFFF fire fighting foam extinguisher(3A 21B C rated) should be available for kitchen fires and it is recommended that a second and/or a third extinguisher be available in or near sleep quarters to aid in escaping from a cabin fire.

Do you have your fire pump set up and tested? Do it now don't wait for a fire!

Gun Lake Area Info

Gun Lake Area Info
Gun Lake specific information: BC WildFire Info, Evacuation, Logging, Shooting, Bug infestation, SLRD, and more....

Thanks to Friends, Volunteers and Contributors

2021 -- Thank you to:

Kerry Perazzo, Dave and Marilee Schmirler, the FireSmart team & SLRD

While the rain tried to dampen the spirits a huge amount of FireSmart work was completed in the Enchanted Forest. The crew was energized by an awesome free lunch of Chili courtesy Kerry Perazzo and sandwiches supplied by FireSmart and the SLRD...oh and there were COOKIES. Thanks to Dave and Marilee Schmirler for letting the gang hone their fuel mitigation skills while under the watchful eye of the garden Gnome.

FireSmart Education     
FireSmart Oct 16, 2021

Susan Dixon held a garage sale on the Labour Day weekend with all the proceeds going to Gun Lake Fire. I am very happy to say that she donated $180 to the cause!

Bob Chow has kindly offered GLFPS his communications tower for use as a hose drying tower.

Jenny James for a big donation to GLFPS. The donation was a thank you to GLF in particular our Chief Al, being lucky enough to pull her dog Ruby out of a hole in the ice in Rose Bay.

John Courchesne for providing Al a reduced price for a 3 day Buckerman's course. Saving was significant and now GLFPS has two qualified buckers.

Kevin Knox of KustomKreations who built GLF a great brush deflector for the basket stretcher on the top of the Fire Truck.


Dec 2020 - A nice surprise from our district rep Sal DeMare. A contribution from the SLRD Area A "Appreciation Fund". Thank You!

Thanks also to all the generous contributors who provided the funding for fire truck, which made it possible for Gun Lake Fire to respond to the truck fire and prevent fire from spreading into the forest.


Again to all of you who volunteer for standby and call out, Thank You!

Suggest to your neighbours and friends to also volunteer. Volunteers are our only source of man power help. There can be income tax benefits. You all can contribute, it can be a small or large amount, it is totally up to you.
Even if you are only at the lake for a week or two during the summer, you can help. So please join!

In the event of another fire, we are it (GLF), there is no one else!

To be able to help fight a fire until Forestry arrive (usually several hours or a days), you must be trained and have taken the S100 course (its free with a bit your time).
It is required by the Government to be cover by Worker Compensation, as GLF works under BC Forestry.

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Some Activities and Events -- By Gun Lake Volunteers -- This Year

Previous Years Activities

History of Gun Lake Fire

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