Directory of Gun Lake Documents

  BC WildFire Informance Sources

This outlines all BC sources of WildfireInformation

  BC Moble App Reference Guide

The guide reference to the BC WildFire App (See Home page)...

Gun Lake Information

  Free Firewood

BC Residents may be looking to collect firewood. Members of the public who wish to cut firewood on Crown land for personal use must have a "Free Use Permit for Firewood"...

Print the second page for your permit and follow the instructions:

  Protect our Fire Fighters and Residents - Honour the Gun Lake and Goldbridge No shooting zone

Restricted firearms discharge area in the Gun Lake and Goldbridge BC area .. Violators will be prosecuted pursuant to section 32 of the BC wildlife Act and the SLRD Bylaw No. 1293-3013 ...

Emergency Evacuation Infomation

  Evacuation Routes

Gun Lake evacuation route map

Three routes outlined on the map to get to either Road 40 or the Hurley Logging Road

  Community Emergency Plan - Gun Lake and Valley

Community Emergency Plan - Gun Lake - a 16 pages document outlining procedures and services in the event of various types emergencies in the Gun Lake

  BC Field Reference Guide - Province

BC Emergency Evacuations - Field Reference Guide - Provincial Evacuations instructions

  Fire Ranking Guide

Fire Ranking Guide - Reference Document - a guide to be used in describing fire ranking in the initial fire report below or in describing the fire to BC Wildfire services.

  Initial Fire Report Form

Initial Fire Report Form - Print and fill out - a simple 1 page form to document the fire.

Block 50 Map

  Bloc 50 GL Logging Map

Bloc 50 GL Logging Map - HIGN RES - Use scroll bars and +- icon to ZOOM

A very detailed map showing current and future planned Logging around the Gun Lake Area

Fire Related Documents

  SLRD Fire Response Letters - The Rules

Three letters between the Fire Commissioner, the SLRD and the BC Societies

These letters describe the areas in which a Fire fighting Society is legally authorized to operate in.

Gun Lake Forest Health

  Several Document describing the health of Gun Lake Forests      

  Gold Mining Map