If you spot a fire; CALL +1(800) 663-5555 FIRST; then +1(250) 238-2560

Bans 2017

Oct 13, 2017
No bans in effect See here for BC burning restrictions
Oct 13, 2017
The open burning ban in our fire district was rescinded (cancelled) effective at 17:00.
Sep 22, 2017
The campfire ban in our fire district was rescinded (cancelled) effective at noon today.
Sep 20, 2017
The ORV closure in our fire district was rescinded (cancelled) effective at noon today.
Aug 04, 2017
Rescinded Sep 20th, 2017. Effective immediately the Crown Land Forest is closed to all ORV in effect until further notice See the map See the attached BC Government document for restrictions and fines
Jul 03, 2017
Rescinded Sep 22th, 2017.Effective immediately there is an Campfire Burning ban in effect until further notice. NO BURNING anywhere (That means burning barrel, outdoor fire places, wood burning hot tubs, ...
May 19, 2017
Rescinded on Oct 13, 2017 at 17:00. Effective May 19th there is an Open Burning ban in effect. See here for BC burning restrictions

Current News

Nov 01, 2017
Trailers have return to the fire hall for the winter season.
Oct 09, 2017
Gun Lake Fire - answered a call to deal with a truck fire near Vandenberg Hill with the potential to spread into forest.

Video credit to Dave Aitken

Truck Fire
Photo credit to Dave Aitken

According to reports, the brigade responded quickly with a good volunteer turnout and the newly acquired Gun Lake Fire truck. The fire was attacked with water from the truck tank and several fire extinguishers. The brigade was able to successfully extinguish the fire preventing it from spreading into the forest on the side of the road. No injuries were reported, but unfortunately the truck appeared to be a total right off.

Considering the dryness of the forest this year, we were extremely lucky. See history page for more images.

Thanks also to all the generous contributors who provided the funding for fire truck, which made it possible for Gun Lake Fire to respond to this truck fire and prevent fire from spreading into the forest.

Oct 07, 2017
The Gun Lake Fire Protection Society AGM will be held at 10:00, in the Fire Hall. Bring a chair and dress warm!
Jul 19, 2017
The trailers location are at Stafford Road, Sunshine Drive & Valerie Lane Boat Launch. See the map

Training Courses 2017 - Complete

S100A Refresher(online) for S100 holders

Scheduled for May 01 - 31, online

S100 Basic Firefighting

May 06,07 at the Community Club

Level 1 First Aid and Transportion Endorsement

Jun 10,11 at the Community Club

Basic GPS

Jul 15 at the Community Club

Bear Awareness in Communities

Aug 19 at the Community Club

First Responder Evacuation training

Sep 23 at 10:00 Fire Hall (approx 2 hours)


Chainsaw Safety Reschedule

Oct 08 from 8:30 - 16:30 Community Resource Building,
104 Haylmore Ave. Gold Bridge
(Bring lunch, gloves, safety or sturdy shoes/boots)

Danger Tree Awareness (Now Confirmed)

Sep 24 from 9:00 - 13:00 at Community Club

New Equipment

Mar 06 2017
Boot Fund GLFPS is starting a "boot" fund to help us pay for the new fire truck and equipment.  So, if you see us at any event, look for the Boot and help fill it.  Makes me think of an old nursery rhyme:

What do you do if you live in a shoe?
Save all your loot and throw it in the Boot!

Feb 2017
Just like most of us, we may be old but we're still darn good looking and pretty useful. So....I'd like to introduce you to Gun Lake Fire's newest asset - a 1991 Ford F600 wildland fire truck. The truck comes with an 18 horse independent water pump and a Foampro injection system as well as a 500 gal. water tank. That said, the rest of the build is up to us so please get in touch and ask what you can do for your Fire Brigade!
Fire Truck
1991 Ford F600 Fire Truck
Trailer Training
August Training at Fire Hall
Fire Truck Training
2017 Training at boat launch
Truck Training
2017 Working the pumps

Photo credit to Sheila Macdonald and Norris Girling

Thanks to Friends and Volunteers

Transwest Helicopters owners Ernst and Alison Maas made the GLFPS a HUGE deal! Included in the deal are 4 base station radios, 2 Garmin 60CSx GPS, 2 spine boards, 2 basket stretchers and a level 2 first aid kit including C collars, oxygen kit and spider straps. Thanks, Transwest. It's nice to have friends in high places.

You know who you are, and we know too. Without your help, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you for all the hours you put in helping to build the fire building